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Loaned Executives


Loaned Executives 

Loaned Executives (LE) are ambassadors of United Way. A Loaned Executive is a volunteer within the community that is the liaison between United Way and local businesses.  At minimum a Loaned Executive will deliver a campaign packet to the decision-maker at 5-10 local businesses, explain the contents of the packet, share a little about United Way, ask for a donation, follow-up with the business, and return the packet to the United Way office.  This process usually takes 2-3 weeks.

Get Involved

If you are interested in becoming a Loaned Executive, contact our campaign manager at 745-5540 or

We’re with You Every Step of the Way

We’re here to support you. United Way offers a number of resources for organizing and promoting an Employee Campaign at a local business including promotional materials, communication strategies and guest speakers.

2020 United Way Loaned Executives

Jennifer Fincher - Auburn Chamber of Commerce - Loaned Executive Lead for City of Auburn
Pam Powers-Smith - Opelika Chamber of Commerce - Loaned Executive Lead for City of Opelika 
Michy Aja- 360 Realty
Morgan Beadles- Auburn University Arboretum
Allison Blankenship- Auburn Villager
Emma Callicoat- Fetch Me Delivery
Laura Cooper- Lee County Youth Development Center
Tiffany Davis- Spa 180
Ronnie Earles- Davis Direct
Gabby Filgo- City of Auburn
Mandy Gray- Homelink
Lana McCurdy- Holland Homes
Andrea Mitchell- City of Auburn
Angela Moulton- River Bank
Katie Murray- Auburn Bank
Rachel Olaveson- DanCor Cabinets
Anne Robinson- CenterState Bank
Summer Vollor- River Bank