The United Way of Lee County believes education is the cornerstone of individual and community success. It is essential to getting and keeping a job with a livable wage and health benefits and it’s fundamental to a community’s economic prosperity. A well-educated workforce attracts world-class jobs and that is why we are committed to supporting education resources for our community which include the following organizations: 


Joyland Child Development Center

Joyland provides quality, safe, and educational child care for working families at an affordable cost. Children at Joyland learn cognitive skills through developmentally appropriate play and lessons.

Contact: Pam Dumas
410 Boykin St. Auburn, AL 36830
Phone Number: 334-821-7624

Lee County Literacy Coalition

Lee County Literacy Coalition helps adults learn to read, write, and use mathematics at a level necessary to succeed and thrive in society. The LCLC believes in a fully literate society and functions to support, promote, and ensure the availability, accessibility, and advocacy for a more literate Alabama. It offers one-to-one tutoring, financial literacy courses, and other informative workshops to help adults achieve their educational goals. This gives them the opportunity to pursue better jobs and education and take better care of themselves and their family.

Contact: Patricia Butts
505 W Thomason Circle Opelika , AL 36801
Phone Number: 334-705-0001

Sheriffs Girls Ranch

The Girls Ranch is sponsored by the Alabama Sheriff’s Association chartered under the laws of the State of Alabama. Its purpose is to operate and maintain homes for dependent, abused, neglected, and abandoned girls of school age, without regard to the child’s race, creed, color, or sex. The Girls Ranch provides residential care in a family-style atmosphere. The program is designed to provide a careful balance of education, religion, work, and play, supplemented by generous amounts of love and concern from all the members of staff. The goal of the Ranch is to provide security, love, discipline and understanding in a positive environment filled with opportunities for children to prepare themselves for secure, productive roles in adult society.

Contact: TJ Wood
174 Samford Dr. Camp Hill, AL 36850
Phone Number: 256-896-4113