Leadership Givers

For more than a thousand years, the red feather has been used as a reward for special acts. It was awarded for unusual acts of valor or chivalry during medieval times. American Indians awarded red dyed eagle feathers to their most fearless braves. Robin Hood awarded a red feather to his men for acts of exceptional goodness. 

Beginning in the early 1930's many United Ways adopted the red feather as a symbol of service to the community. Even today, people still refer to "Red Feather Agencies."

In the spirit of selflessness long associated with the red feather, the United Way of Lee County recognizes those who contribute to United Way with exceptional generosity to help people in need. Individuals who give $1,000 or more are offered membership and asked to wear our version of the red feather. 

Wearing this timeless symbol indicates more than simply a contribution of money. It indicates each member's leadership role in helping people care for one another. Their willingness to share inspires their friends and associates to join them in helping others who may be less fortunate. 

Our society has changed in many ways throughout the years. But the spirit embodied in the feather emblem remains the same: recognizing exceptional people who care.


          Coach Bruce Pearl 

          Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Leischuck

          Dr. Joseph Kicklighter

          Mr. E.L. Spencer

          Dr. and Mrs. Sauser

          Dr. Richard Glaze

          Mayor Gary Fuller 

          Mr. and Mrs. Al Dudley

          Mr. and Mrs. Brent Poteet

          Mr. and Mrs. Terry Andrus

          Mr. Bob Dumas

          Mr. Emmett Thompson

          Mr. Eric Canada

Mr. Jim O'Conner

Mr. Mark Chambers

Mr. Matt Clegg

Mr. Richard Harringgon 

Mrs. Jan Dempsy

Ms. Emil Wright

Ms. Marka Blackerby

Ms. Ruth Galbraith

Ms. Yvonne Kozlowski

          Mr. Ab Conner

          Mr. Guy Gunter

          Mr. Joey Motley

          Mr. Matt Mosley

          Ms. Becky Richardson

          Mr. Bryan Cummings

          Mrs. Allison Frazier

          Mrs. Megan McGowen

          Mrs. Hollie Cost

          Mr. Bart Aldridgo

          Ms. Romona Brisco

          Mr. Calvin Johnson 

          Mr. Jason Bryant

          Mr. Jeffery Fairbrother

          Mr. Gene Stanaland

          Mr. Jay Hovey

          Mr. Eddie Smith

          Ms. Teresa Logiotatos

          Mr. David Hedges

          Ms. Taffye Benson Clayton

          Mr. James Percy

          Mr. Marty Freeman

          Mr. Dennis Delaney

          Mr. Tommy Cummings

          Dr. Brian Gibson

          Ms. Christina McClendon

          Mr. David Reaves

          Mrs. Rozi Dover

          Mr. Tutt Barrett

          Mr. Marty Williams

          Ms. Melissa Motley

          Mr. Michael Machen

          Ms. Lynne Hammond

          Ms. Cathleen Erwin

          Mrs. Robyn Bridges

          Mr. Paul Patterson

          Ms. Johnnie Harris

          Mr. Guy Lunsford

          Dr. Jere Colley

          Mr. Rodney Reid

          Dr. Joseph Molnar

          Mr. Jay Jones

          Mr. Ronald Beyers

          Mr. Jeffery Smith

          Mr. Andrzej Nowak

          Ms. Traci O'Brien

          Mrs. Laura Cooper

          Dr. Joel Pittard

          Mr. Adam Keeton

          Mr. Mark Stirling

          Ms. Mellissa Luellen

          Dr. Richard Freeman

          Mr. Ted Wilson

          Mr. John Wild

          Ms. Dakoda Wells

          Mr. and Mrs. Stan Harris

          Ms. Diane Hensley

          Mr. Hal Huguley

          Ms. Savanna Cooper

          Mr. Steve Pelham