The United Way of Lee County ReUnited Program is a volunteer program for retired residents of Lee County. Members will assist with a variety of volunteer projects at both the United Way and our partner agencies. This is an opportunity for retirees to meet people and learn more about our community! 

The Vision:

To inspire local retirees to remain active in the community through services. 

The Purpose:

To connect retirees in our community through services opportunities. 

Our Members: 

Tomi Ammons
Melanie Cadenhead
Donna Carden
Judy Colley
Jere Colley
Bettye Cooksey
Vanessa Echols
Janice Green
Dee Dee Harper
Laura Landers
Jane Leland
Peggy McElveen
Teresa Ogletree
Sheryl Parker
Carolyn Patterson
Beth Pinyerd
Beth Redden
Patte Kluttz
Becky Richardson
Barbara Wickman

How to join: 

Email or call the UWLC office at 334-745-5540.