The United Way of Lee County ReUnited Program is a volunteer program for retired residents of Lee County. Members will assist with a variety of volunteer projects at both the United Way and our partner agencies. This is an opportunity for retirees to meet people and learn more about our community! 

The Vision:

To inspire local retirees to remain active in the community through services. 

The Purpose:

To connect retirees in our community through services opportunities. 

Our Members: 

Melanie Cadenhead
Judy Colley
Bettye Cooksey
Vanessa Echols
Dee Dee Harper
Peggy McElveen
Carolyn Patterson
Beth Pinyerd
Beth Redden
Patte Kluttz
Becky Richardson

How to join: 

Email or call the UWLC office at 334-745-5540.